"Ya Tuhanku ampunilah aku, rahmatilah aku,
perbaikilah aku, angkatlah darjatku, berilah aku rezeki, pimpinlah aku, afiatkanlah aku dan maafkanlah aku."

Siapa Bomoh Wanita Belaan Taib Mahmud Terbongkar!!

Pendedahan terbaru mengenai siapakah bomoh Setlla  Taib Mahmud akhirnya terjawab!!

Rasanya semua ingin tahu benar siapakah bomoh wanita ini yang "diludah" oleh sepupu Taib Mahmud sendiri, Salleh Jafaruddin semasa hari penamaan calon pilihanraya DUN Sarawak kerusi N 51 Balingian, 6 April lalu.


Berita gembira!!

Sarawak Report yang digodam rejim malaon Taib Mahmud kini beroperasi semula!!

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The once feared White Haired Rajah of Sarawak has lost his mental grasp and is under the control of his greedy brother-in-law, the Lebanese Australian Robert Geneid.

Salleh Jafaruddin, sepupu Taib Mahmud

Geneid manipulates Taib through his blond, botoxed Bomoh, Stella, who caused a sensation when she appeared at the Chief Minister’s nomination last week. She is none other than Geneid’s own cousin!

These extraordinary revelations have been passed to Sarawak Report from right within the Mahmud family’s inner sanctum.

Years of concern, seething rivalry and jealousies surrounding the manipulations of Geneid, the husband of Taib’s younger sister Raziah, have suddenly broken to the surface under the stress of the election campaign.

‘Senile’ and under the influence of Raziah, Robert and Stella!

An early sign was the outburst of Taib’s own cousin Salleh Jafarrudin, who chastised the Bomoh and her two companions during the nomination in Balingian last week.

3 bomoh termasuk Setlla (paling kanan)

Although formerly a BN Minister himself, Jafurrudin has become a surprise independent candidate, throwing his cap into the ring in Taib’s own constituency as part of a last ditch attempt by Taib’s own family to prevent him continuing as Chief Minister.

In front of the media Salleh shouted:

“Do you want to put a spell on me?!”

Later he explained to journalists that he is trying to save Taib from his Bomohs:

Makcik Stella (dua dari kiri) bersama Robert Geneid di Monaco semasa
Taib Mahmud mengadap Najib Altantuya dan Rosmah Mansor!!

“We want to save Sarawak from being ruled by a leader who has completely succumed and surrendered, his mental faculties, spiritual and natural physical capabilities to the influence of foreign witchcraft apparatus currently encircling him”

Outburst by Salleh Jafarrudin, Taib's own cousin on nomination day - hint of revalations to come!

Now Sarawak Report has been sent a dossier of astonishing information, penned by some of Taib’s other closest relatives.

They make clear that their view is that enough is enough and that the truth about Taib’s failing condition must be made known to the people.

Above all they say they are putting their country before their family interests in attempting to warn voters against allowing the rapacious rule of Raziah and Robert Geneid and their string of Bomohs to carry on. Yet another close relative has told us:

“Taib is senile and under the control of Raziah, Robert and Stella!”

Cheerleading - Razia claps and favourite daughter Hanifah looks on, but much of Taib's family think he should have stepped down.

Najib has been proved powerless

It has been made clear to Sarawak Report that these issues have long been an open secret among BN’s top circles, who have watched the visible degeneration of the sick and elderly Chief Minster, particularly since the death of his first wife Laila in early 2009.

He himself has been treated for bowel cancer, which has devastatingly weakened him.


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