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RM 10 Juta Motosikal Petronas terbengkalai

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RM 10 Juta motosikal lumba kuasa tinggi FP1 Petronas terbengkalai di England ?

Mungkin boleh hadiahkan motosikal-motosikal ini kepada belia Kelantan sebagai motosikal wang ehsan ?

MCN has discovered a secret hoard of 60 £25,000 Foggy-Petronas FP1 road bikes in a bunker in Essex.

Carl Fogarty – race team manager and figurehead of the ill-fated FP1 project – said when told the news: “You’re joking – that’s amazing!” It had been thought – and stated by the team – that the bikes were shipped to Malaysia five years ago and disposed of. But in fact virtually all the bikes initially produced to homologated the FP1 for WSB racing are still on UK soil.

The collection – worth around £2m – is held in a state of suspended animation awaiting, with the bikes’ owner – Malaysian oil giant Petronas – keen to draw a veil over the whole episode. The firm burned £30m on a WSB program that was intended to kick-start a Ducati-sized bike manufacturing business in Malaysia, but in fact petered out with a 21st place championship finish in 2006.

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Petronas FP1
The Petronas FP1 is a 899.5 cc (54.89 cu in) liquid-cooled inline three-cylinder homologation special sport bike that was produced in 2003 by Petronas.

Originally developed jointly by Petronas and Sauber Petronas Engineering AG as the Petronas GP1 989cc prototype to compete in MotoGP, Petronas decided to race the motorcycle in the Superbike World Championship instead. To meet the requirements for the motorcycle's entry into the championship, the engine was reduced to 899.5 cc (54.89 cu in) and Petronas had to produce 150 road version motorcycles for FIM homologation, thus making it the first Malaysian-built Superbike.

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